Biography of Kang Ye-Bin


Kang Ye-Bin is a South Korean model and entertainer best known for his work as a columnist in the film, “Pitch High” (2011) and as Myo-ryeong in “Affection Conquest” (2020). Ye-receptacle is a very likable woman today in her late 30s, who has a very long provocative image in public that never bothered her but subsequent episodes never took hold.

Ye-Bin also has her own product offering called “THE CHO” which sells a number of things including fragrances, lights, hand washes, mosquito repellent bracelets, and a few more. He promotes his goods through web-based local media with more than 240k followers on Instagram: @kang_ye_bin.

Is Kang Ye-Bin famous?

Kang Ye-Bin was brought into the world on January 20, 1983, in South Korea. His real name is Kang Jung-Mi (ø). The ethnicity is South Korean. Ye-receptacle has a place with Asian citizenship while Aquarius is his zodiac sign. Ye-canister was brought into the world in a stable rich family since his youth especially his mother, Lee Choong-ae. He experienced childhood in his old neighborhood in South Korea where he went to Sejong High School and later transferred from Tongwon University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Theater.

Kang Ye-Bin’s Career Highlights

Kang Ye-Bin started her masterful call as Octagon Girl for UFC in 2012. She has appeared in several settings including “Wang Family”, “Disrespectful Miss Young-Ae 11”, “Impolite Miss Young-Ae 12”, “Falcon. Eagle “,” We should Eat “,” The Time We Were Not In Love “. She appeared om “Goodness My Venus” in 2015.

Ye-receptacle made his introduction in a film with his work as a columnist on “Pitch High” (2011). She has also appeared in various films including “Battling Spirit”, and “Wedding the Mafia IV – Family Ordeal”. She got a lot of recognition for her newest part as Myo-ryeong in “Affection Conquest” (2020).

In addition, Ye-Bin has its own product offering called “THE CHO”, where several items are accessible including fragrances, candles, hand wash. His newest item is a mosquito repellent called “The Cho Mosquito Repellent Bracelet + Mosquito Repellent Spray”.

Who is Kang Ye-Bin dating?

Kang Ye-Bin is currently single and isn’t dating anyone now. In addition, Ye-canister has experienced the fear of being followed by obscure individuals who are already in his life.

How much is Kang Ye-Bin’s total assets?

Kang Ye-Bin profited from his expert calls as model, entertainer, and later as MC. Having started the profession since 2012 at the age of 23, Ye-canister probably knows how to earn solid fortunes from his performances on settings and films. Its total assets are valued at around $ 150k.

How tall is Kang Ye-Bin?

Kang Ye-Bin is a charming woman who has found out how to win some hearts with her photos despite the fact that she is in her mid-30s. She has a clock glass body that is very much preserved with a doll impression. He stands tall and is 1.70m tall while his body weighs around 49kg. He has a sensible composition with dark hair and muted eyes.