Free Napster Music To Go

Napster is a music service that has been around since the start of the free music download craze, which has taken the world by storm. They were actually the first file sharing sites to reach the Internet and the popularity of their music service has barely been touched due to their dedication to providing people with the best free Napster mp3s.

Their rise to the front of the digital music scene came as a shock to the traditional music business as the industry had never seen anything like it before. Potential customers log onto the Internet and download free Napster music downloads from their favorite artists without spending any money. This is definitely something that the major labels dislike as Napster’s free file sharing programs are starting to impact their bottom line. So with that in mind, Major 5 decided to sue Napster for everything they had.

Music lovers from all over the world are disillusioned by the record label’s action … “how dare they shut down Napsters music service and block every day from downloading the newest free Napster music track?” As you can imagine, this act only forces people to find illegal music downloading services to fill the void that their music industry claims is destroying. Then record labels started chasing people who had illegally downloaded their music. Now millions of people face legal suites because of this reaction.

This ultimately inspired the birth of “Napster To Go” … Napster’s law-free music program designed with the intention of helping people legally gain access to unlimited music. Many fans of the original Napster have found the new site to be very useful.