Music Industry For Hip Hop Artists Who Buy Rap Beats

The music industry today is so different from a few years ago that you could digitally promote and buy rap beats online. The digital age has completely revolutionized the way we make music, record, produce, distribute and promote. It became easy for independent artists to make a name for themselves without the need for big budgets, which were pretty much necessary back in the day. Even though major labels fell, this shouldn’t be seen as an excuse to stay out of the music industry.

Many people are under the false impression that the internet has completely corrupted music in a way.

There are many artists in big industry who go to great lengths to ensure that things like cyberspace breeding are stopped at all costs. This is because artists tend to believe that the record drop in sales for major labels is due to the fact that communication has become so easy and fast with the online community. The songs went viral by fans via email attachments and file transfers, so an illusion was created.

If you want to read the truth, here it is … Even with cyber pirating hitting the market as hard as it is, most music experts agree that only about 20% of sales are lost due to illegal copying or downloading. That means that 80% of music lovers still buy music when they find an artist they like.

It is my personal belief that records will always sell, for ever, as long as there are fans to buy music.

Why? Well I say this because those who buy music don’t buy it just because they want to listen to it … In fact, in today’s industry it’s much more likely that they have access to the same songs for free … The reason they buy is because they want to support the artist they are looking for so much.

The industry today is literally at its best ever, to be independent anyway. Yes, major labels see less sales and they don’t introduce themselves to the new digital age very well … But independents are doing well! Majors just used the same old business plan and it started to become obsolete quickly. They put huge sums of money into every artist they promote and most of the time they don’t even come out with a profit.

The main business model is basically to promote everyone for the same mega dollar amount spent and drop the artist off the label who didn’t either. But 9/10 artists at major labels won’t do anything for the company! It is because they are stupid spending dollars, which do not make easy profits. Some of the mega famous artists the company represented brought enough success for the department to continue.
The independent industry, however, is blooming fantastically.

This cannot be denied. In 2009 Billboard Magazine released a statement that 50% of all sales records and downloaded singles were by independent record labels. It’s huge! With access to promotional venues such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s no wonder why so many sales are arriving these days for us independents.

In addition to the convenience of free promotion, there is even distribution available at a cost that feels less than it used to be. Back in the day you had to have some serious connections to make your artist distribute, as most of the distribution was via major labels. Now, with companies like Tunecore, it has become possible to distribute artists across all major retailers (such as iTunes) at affordable costs even for 9-5 workers. However, if you’re going to continue in the rap game, you’ll need to pick up some legit rap beats and buy instrumentals so you can sell your music. Visit the link in the paragraph below to find professional beats and productions at an affordable cost.